Your E-Commerce Store needs a Mobile App Now More than Ever

We all enjoy shopping by sitting in a cozy corner and taking time to make up our minds. With the introduction of mobile apps for online stores, shopping is now more convenient and easy.

The mobile app development has brought in a new shopping experience for users. The mobile apps have contributed significantly to building an improved customer base and uplifting the brand image.

Let them Remember Who You Are- Get the App For Your Store

An estimate among the users suggests that they almost spend three to four times longer in mobile apps when compared to desktop and mobile sites. Ever wondered why this happens? The following points sum up how mobile applications are more popular for online shopping among users.

#1 Convenience

Mobile apps have brought convenience to online shopping. With mobile apps, you don’t have to remember a particular URL and it offers considerable speed and security to the users.

#2 Better Response Time

The actions performed using a mobile application are done quicker than using a website. This happens since the data transmitted between a server and a mobile app is considerably lower than that transmitted between a server and a browser.

#3 Loyalty

When a user downloads the app, he/she has, most probably, intentions for shopping from that e-commerce store. This can vary when it comes to users checking out the stores on browsers. Through push notifications and exclusive rewards, mobile apps are all ready to impress their customers and make them invested in their brands.

#4 UI/UX

An exceptional UI/UX design makes the mobile app more interactive and contributes to better user experience.

#5 Lower Cart Abandonment

There is a lower incidence of incomplete purchases in mobile apps, owing to its simplified checkout process. The shipment address and payment details are stored beforehand, which uncomplicates the purchase process.

#6 Conversion Rates

Better navigation, outstanding UX, and overall improved user-experience in mobile apps aids in increased conversion rates. Also, it is established that customers are more likely to buy products when using mobile apps, more than they do while accessing the store through browsers.

Changing trends demands changed perspectives. A mobile application will certainly aid in improving the brand image and create a loyal customer base. So it is high time to consider having a functional mobile application to represent your e-commerce store.